SGP WGC Ranking List


The second day of the competition gave us another sunny and flyable weather. Today the pilots had to face Task, 380 km long. The route included the following points: Bojnice, Kralova Hola, Velky Choc, Przegibek. The weather looked very promising, but unfortunately there were some complications. One of the competitors was forced to return to the airfield after 10 minutes of flight due to technical problems with navigation. Luckily, the sailplane pilot returned to the competition, but 30 minutes after the opening of the start.
The conditions on the route turned out to be difficult and treacherous. The air masses were mixed up and the Pilots had to stay high under the clouds bases which were 2750MSL.
All players safely returned to the airfield, unfortunately not all of them completed the task. Łukasz Grabowski won today's competition. Congratulations!
Keep your fingers crossed for the weather on Tuesday because the forecasts predict rain. See you tomorrow !!!

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